Jennifer Cecere, in Pattern, Decoration and Crime, Le Consortium, Dijon, France, May 15-October 20, 2019

I am honored that my pieces Cat Throne and Chandelier have beed included in Pattern, Decoration & Crime, an historic international overview of the period of 1979-1984. Pattern, Decoration & Crime takes a look back at an art movement that was met with international success in the '80s. Previously in Geneva Switzerland, it's continuing at Le Consortium in Dijon,  France-the New York Times has called it, "The Under-the-Radar French Museum That  Quietly Predicts Art's Next Big Thing". I hope you can make it.

"By bringing these artists together, the MAMCO exhibition shows these different aspects through significant work by each artist. Beyond the pattern, it also reveals the place of the object via the works of Jennifer Cecere and Betty Woodman, whose ceramics are associated with a style of painting rich in decorative forms and a Matisse-like palette"-Romain Mathieu, Pattern Decoration and Crafts, art press 462

My work aims to integrate the flavor of domestic handiwork into the built environment. Cat Throne and Chandelier, 1980

continue in this tradition, by honoring these sanctioned outlets for female creativity.

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